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Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Jobs, What Jobs!'

More than 3 million manufacturing jobs have disappeared since 1998, and the Economic Policy Institute estimates 59 percent—or 1.78 million—of these jobs have been lost due to the explosion in the U.S. manufacturing trade deficit over the period.

I strongly suggest you follow the link provided and read for yourself what 'some' of the reasons are for businesses leaving America, and then ask your representative or nominee what they intend to do about it. After all, it could be your job!

Every politician under the sun has said that reducing taxes and regulations are the key to bringing jobs home to America. Yet it never happens. Why? Because tax reduction in and of itself is not the only answer. Once we reduce taxes and bring regulation in line with reality (which is crucial to success), Asia (specifically China) along with India and others will simply manipulate their currencies http://coralvillecourier.typepad.com/community/2010/06/china-manipulates-currency-us-leadership-doesnt-care.html to the point where they remain in control of world markets in regard to manufactured goods. It's going to take much more! The American people, as I’ve always said, are the most productive and resilient in the world. Unfortunately our government, made up of various political factions, chooses to pander for votes rather than support those they represent. They know all too well how those that rely on the system tend to vote the system so why not accommodate them.

For years I've been telling folks how the Chinese and others manipulate their currency in order to maintain an unfair global advantage in manufacturing. I know this because I work with it on a daily basis.

However controversial, the answer is not tax cuts alone but strategically placed floating tariffs on imported manufactured goods coming to America, then and only then will the playing field be leveled and competition fair and balanced. Once coupled with the appropriate tax cuts and common sense regulations, sanity will return to world markets and jobs back home to America.

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