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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jim Condit and WagTheDog, Bites the Dust

Comment by Darla, ADMIN / National Director Resistnet.com

"Based on some troubling information that has come to light on Jim Condit and the wagthedog organization we are no longer associated with them. Thanks"

Tony's Take > >

A quick Google search of Jim Condit and the people he associates with will tell you why groups like The Patriotic Resistance, The National Precinct Alliance, Freedom Force, I-caucus and the Tea Party Express, have been forced to take similar action.

The many good Tea Party groups and their members are all given a bad name by people like Condit and those that associate with and defend him. They give the Obama Socialists all the ammo they need to attack the entire Tea Party movement as extremist right wing nuts.

When you sleep with dogs, don't act all shocked and surprised when you wake up with fleas.

The same thing applies to groups and people like:
Tea Party Nation
Judson Philips
Tea Party Patriots
Network America
National Precinct Activist
Tea Party Party of Nevada

This isn't just Tony's list. This is the list agreed upon by almost every major patriot group in the country now. None of us will have anything to do with these groups.

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