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Monday, January 11, 2010

Another listener blasts Heather Kidd

This is one of the nicer Emails listeners sent to Heather Kidd, the disgraced turncoat X-secretary of the Clark County Republican Party. Heather just got to thinking she was to big for her britches and she was correct. STEP AWAY FROM THE CHIPS HEATHER! Or buy some bigger pants. Fat just never seems to collect where you need it, does it.

Send your own Email. She loves to hear from the unwashed masses.


I have been a loyal listener of your show. I've met you in person at one of the 'rallies' that the Nevada Patriots held. I had allot of respect for you, and held you in high esteem.

However, when I heard the comments that you made on your show about the GOP. I couldn't believe it! I thought that I had misunderstood your dialog - in some way. A person of your caliber and accomplishments - I had expected more from you.

To lower yourself to say what you did on the 'air' shows ignorance. Even if you had an issue with the 'movement', there are mature ways of addressing the matter.

To use you show for such purposes, in my opinion, is in bad taste. It does not speak very well of you to use your position to tear down others. I was a loyal listener, but that has changed. I will continue to be loyal to Rush, Sean, and Mark. But I'll find something else to do when your show airs.

"Disappointed and Hurt"


Anonymous said...

Good Read

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Ms. Kydd show the world how misogynistic and out of touch with those "unwashed masses" you truly are. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

So, was there a phone call or email sent that convinced you to remove your "what a bitch" post?

No, I get it. You are only going to allow posts to stay as long as the comments do not run afoul of your original point. Dissenting voices will not be tolerated here!

I'm just a guy. Named Dave.