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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dr. Jack Wheeler - HALF-FULL REPORT 01/22/10

He mentions my National Precinct Alliance! This is GREAT. His newsletter goes to thousands and then most recipients (like me) send it out to their lists!!!!

To The Point News - HALF-FULL REPORT 01/22/10

The obvious news headline for the week is:


Yes, I know just what this means and how vulgar it is. Nevertheless, it is the irresistibly appropriate response to the deluge of disgusting vileness we have been subjected to by the Democrat Party, the OPM Obama Propaganda Media, and the Moonbat Hate America Left.

Democrat Chuck Schumer - a United States Senator - publicly calls Scott Brown a "far-right teabagger." MSNBC loudmouth Ed Schultz announces on his national radio show (1/16) that "I'd cheat to keep these bastards (Scott Brown and other conservatives) out" of power. Radical lunatic talk show host Mike Malloy denounces the voters of Massachusetts for electing "a theocratic madman as senator," and tells his audience that Hannity, Limbaugh & O'Reilly were the ones who really "bombed your goddamn country" on 9/11.

Ultimate moonbat Keith Olbermann proclaims on MSNBC national television that Scott Brown is an "irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees."

Well, sorry, schmucks. You all just got teabagged by America.

Please, froth at the mouth all you want in hysterical anger and rage. The more you do, the more we enjoy the spectacle. And the easier it is to keep teabagging you. Anyone skilled at streetfighting knows the first objective is to get the opponent to lose his temper, for then they can't think straight and can be taken down easily.

It's even better, of course, if you have a number of opponents whom you can get to fight among themselves instead of you. How this will play out in the wake of this week's Mass-acre was adumbrated last week in The Coming Democrat Implosion. (Note, e.g., the prediction that Dems would start attacking Zero is already coming true.

The implosion has begun. Pelosi Galore abandoned her strut of arrogance yesterday (1/21) and admitted she doesn't have the votes for the Senate bill, whereupon Drudge ran the banner headline: The Day Health Care Died.

The real Messiah could raise the dead, but the false one can't. ObamaCare is a crispy critter, and Zero will be unable to resurrect it. In fact, as Congressional Dems tear themselves apart and flee for the exits, Zero's entire legislative agenda is going down in flames. Relish the moment. Sunrise in America.

Yet there are other moments to enjoy, for this has been an amazing week for freedom.

This week, Cap & Trade glowarmer legislation froze to death in the Himalayas. On the heels of Climategate, which revealed that all the computer models predicting warming are based on fraudulent data - GIGO, garbage in/garbage out - now comes Glaciergate.

The 2007 report on warming that won the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN) the Nobel Peace Prize that it shared with Algore claimed that the glaciers of the Himalayas would melt away by 2035. The evidence for this turns out to be one interview with one Indian glaciologist with New Scientist magazine (no peer-reviewed journal, this) - and who says he said no such thing.

Buckling under all these scandals, the UN on Tuesday (1/19) abandoned its deadline for countries to declare what CO2 emissions cuts they promised to make. This effectively terminates any possibility for a "climate change treaty" via which beggar countries get to shake down Western countries for putting all that CO2 in the air.

It also terminates the Dems' Cap & Trade - and Zero's attempt to force it via EPA regulation. Lisa Murkowski's S.J. 26 blocking EPA rules on CO2 as a "pollutant" was announced yesterday (1/21) and already has 39 sponsors, three of whom are Dems (see the link for the co-sponsor list). Soon the EPA will be outgunned.

What other great advance for freedom took place this week? Why, the resurrection of the First Amendment from the ashes of McCain-Feingold by the Supreme Court. The Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision yesterday (1/21) was 5-4, with Anthony Kennedy providing its basis:

"If the First Amendment has any force, it prohibits jailing citizens for engaging in political speech."

You know this is a fabulous pro-freedom decision when the entire phalanx of Fascist Dems screams in denunciation. Their protests, like Zero's or Chuck Schumer's saying it gives a "green light for special interests," are simply hilarious - because they've provided nothing but a green light to unions and lefty outfits set up by George Soros.

Further, because of the ban - now lifted by SCOTUS - on direct corporate campaign spending, companies had to hire expensive lobbyists who were former staffers of pols like Schumer, and donate generously to the pols to protect themselves from legislative threats.

This Washington Shakedown game no longer works as it did with companies now free to express their political views directly. Companies are actually free now to be pro-business, while the power of Dem demagogues like Schumer is severely weakened. Just how weakened can be seen by charismatic economist Larry Kudlow of CNBC fame on the verge of challenging Schumer who is up for election in November.

Just how bad will November be for the Dems? Look at this analysis of 2010 Senate races by election prognosticator Larry Sabato. If the election were held today, he judges that the Republicans would have a net gain of seven seats. Add to this that Gillibrand in NY, the Dem replacement for Dodd in CT, Boxer in CA, and now even Schumer may be in grave jeopardy.

Of course, the election is not today but more than nine months away. That's a political eternity. More than time enough for Republican wimps to blow it. Which brings us to Tea Partyers.

These folks easily have the capacity to ruin any rescue from Dem tyranny in November by trying to form a third party. It's hard to imagine anything more stupid and self-destructive than this. Thankfully, it's what they are not doing.

Instead, indications are the TeaPartyers are doing exactly what they should be doing - which is taking over the Republican Party from the ground up. TeaPartyers have launched the National Precinct Alliance enabling them to control the GOP at the precinct level. Co-Founder Tony Warren says, "The mantra: take the precinct, take the state, take the party - and force it to run conservative candidates instead of RINOs."

This is awesome - and it's only half of the pie the TeaPartyers are baking. The other half is not demanding down-the-line conservative political purity for every candidate, as evinced by their massive support for Scott Brown.

Brown is as conservative as you could get and still be electorally viable in Mass. Which means, for a key example, he calls himself "pro-choice," while nonetheless wanting to ban partial birth abortion. That's smart of him and smart of TeaPartyers to support him on it. Getting this sort of baby murder to be a crime is politically doable - so that's where you start.

If the TeaPartyers can stay flexibly savvy like this while taking over the structure of the GOP from within, they just might enable the Republicans to avoid snatching defeat from victory.

Which brings us to TeaPartyers and Sarah Palin. There's this odd criticism that she's speaking at a "controversial" tea party convention for a hefty $100K fee while blowing off speaking at the annual gathering of conservatives in Washington at CPAC.

It's odd because of the anti-capitalist bias of the criticism. RedState's Erik Erickson sniffs that the convention "smells scammy" because it's "run by a for-profit group." What is he, some kind of closet Marxist? What the hell is wrong with making money? What the hell is wrong with Sarah Palin earning money? Isn't the Tea Party phenomenon supposed to be pro-capitalist?

Maybe Erickson is miffed because he wasn't invited for free.

At any rate, here's the skinny on Palin & CPAC. CPAC is run by Dave Keene who runs ACU, the American Conservative Union. He tried to shakedown FedEx for $2 million for a lobbying campaign against the unionization of FedEx workers. Fred Smith said no thanks -- so Keene got a contract with UPS to bash its rival FedEx.

This ticked Palin off royally. She wants nothing to do with Keene -- the Jesse Jackson shakedown artist of the right.. So she turned CPAC down. Good for her.

Palin has principles - and she also has really savvy political smarts. Note how she stayed completely clear of Brown's race and didn't endorse him like she did Doug Hoffman in NY23. She knew that would hurt him in Blue Mass. Now that he won, she's free to say Hallelujah.

Note also that her plan to hit the 2010 trail is exactly the strategy The Palin Potential predicted she would adopt last July. A lot of folks in the new Republican House & Senate majority of 2011 will owe her bigtime. Only then will she start talking about 2012.

What a wonderful week. But wait - there's still more frosting on this cake. Air America Radio, the liberal answer to Rushbo and conservative talk radio, announced today (1/22) it is filing for bankruptcy and is permanently going off the air.

How much good news can you stand?

Well, how about Drudge entitling its story about Zero going to Nevada to campaign for Lost Harry Reid next month as "The Kiss of Death."

Or, as TTP's Jack Kelly jokes, the only chance Zero has to get Obamacare through Congress now is to threaten to campaign for those Democrats who oppose it.



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