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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tea Parties Find Power in National Precinct Alliance Strategy

Another great article about the National Precinct Alliance, As Co-Founder of the NPA, all I can do is smile and thank all the the Patriots in the Battle Born State of Nevada. We have taken the Precinct Plan National using Nevada as the blueprint. The Grassroots Patriots in Nevada deserve all the credit, for if they had not united and succeeded in defeating the RINOs here in Nevada, this strategy would not be catching like it has. It would only be a good idea, sitting on the shelf for another 20 or 30 years.

If you really want hope and change, look no further than the Nevada GOP and our new leadership. Grassroots Conservatives can not stop with the precincts and central committees. We must continue to take State after State until the GOP is our own tool to defeat the Socialists who wish to take our freedoms away from us. The RINO can be bought. The RINO compromises with the enemy. The RINO has no backbone and would rather lay down and quit than stay and fight. The RINO has no place in the New GOP.

Tea Party Groups have and continue to come together. We now control the GOP in several States. We have only just begun to exercise our power and the National Media is paying attention, the RINOs are going extinct and the Liberal Progressive Socialists are absolutely shaking in their pink fuzzy slippers. If you think we are succeeding in 2010, just wait until 2012. Look out Obama, Pelosi and Reid. We will be sending our people to Washing in 2010 to take our country back. You ignored our letters, calls, Emails and our protests, so CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? The will of We the People will be done.

Read on>>>>>>> http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/19158

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now here is hope and change YOU can believe in !