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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tony Opposes the Jobs for Main Street Act of 2010

Some things in life are certain: death and taxes, for instance. And when it comes to an overgrown government with a penchant for interjecting itself into every aspect of the personal lives and private businesses of the nation's citizens, it is just as certain that any new program will cost tens or hundreds of billions of dollars, while the stated target goal is likely to be missed.

And so it is with this jobs bill.

Called the "Jobs for Main Street Act of 2010" by Democrats, and referred to as the “son of stimulus” by Conservatives, the $154 billion price tag would see $75 billion from the Wall Street bailout fund shifted to yet another jobs creation plan even though unused money was supposed to help reduce the deficit. Object lesson: once government gets its hands on your money, it will be spent even if it means throwing it into the wind. More typical Big Government policy from the Socialists.

The fact remains that government cannot create jobs. It can, however, shift jobs from the private sector where they originate and create wealth to the public sector that is unproductive and wasteful, further depressing the economy. All increases in government spending lead to decreases in private savings. The only thing that grows is government, not jobs, not the economy, and certainly not freedom.

That's Tony's Take.

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Anonymous said...

by law son of stimulus is not to happen with these monies but alas what do WE THE PEOPLE know?